Updated Generosity Sunday results!

Good is Good!  All the Time!

Our congregation donated $114,000 to the Generosity Sunday appeal to help eliminate the mortgage!  This brings our loan balance down to approximately $38,000.  But, several members who weren’t able to participate over the past few Sundays brought additional offerings to church today, and there’s still time to contribute.  In fact, an anonymous member has offered a challenge match:  he/she will match $1 for every $1 given towards the $38,000 remaining balance.  We’re so close!  If you haven’t been able to participate yet, or feel you might be able to give a little bit more knowing your offering will be matched to bring us closer to our goal of a debt-free St. Barnabas, then please mail your offering to the church office or bring it to church on Sunday.  Thank you for your generosity as we Fire Up for Ministry!



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