Our Beliefs, as stated in our Mission Statement:

God calls us,

Our mission statement begins with the recognition that God acts first, with generous love and mercy. We see it throughout the Bible: God creates when there was nothing; God sends Jesus as Savior “while we were still sinners” (Paul). God is constantly giving us gifts of life that begin now and go to eternity. Meanwhile, God keeps calling everyone: “turn to me and live!” God blesses people to be a blessing to others. We have a mission in the name of Jesus to live out his love.

his people at St. Barnabas Lutheran Church,

Our congregation is part of the whole people of God throughout the world and throughout time. Baptism is the sacrament of being welcomed as a child of God. We gather to praise God, to support one another and to engage in God’s work, here where we are and in outreach with and to others globally.

to grow up into Christ

Life is a process of change. There are always opportunities to grow in our faith, in our relationship with Jesus and with others in His name, in our understanding of God, and in our involvement in mission.

and to invite others to grow with us

In the Bible we find the connection between loving God and caring about others, especially those in need. We read that God so loved the world that he gave Jesus as Savior, inviting everyone to believe and to enjoy life in his name. This is good news to extend to others, in word and actions. The people of St. Barnabas invite YOU to come and see!

in faith, service, commitment, and love.

There are many ways to grow in Christ. Faith grows deeper as we trust God’s faithfulness. We find that serving in the name of Jesus is inspiring, as that work is often life-changing for both giver and recipient. As we engage in faithful participation in God’s work in our world, we find commitment increasing. We find how powerful love can be.

We shall respond.

God acts first. Our part is to recognize how much God cares about us, and to respond with trust and by living out God’s call to us—loving others as God has first loved us.

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