High School Youth Group

Mentoring our teens to lead a faith-based Christian life is among our highest priorities, as it can lead to adults who have a more fulfilling spiritual life. An active, engaged High School Youth Group is an important part of personal development and spiritual growth, and is therefore actively supported by our entire congregation.

St. Barnabas provides a variety of opportunities for students to participate.  The first is our High School Faith Discussions every Sunday morning from 9:15-10:15 am during the school year.  The group meets together in their own Youth Room at the church to discuss the Gospel message and how it pertains to them.  The lively discussions allow the students to talk about themselves, their faith, and their lives.  All high school students are welcome to drop in any time.

faviconBi-monthly social and community service activities are also offered for high school students.  Together with neighboring Lutheran Churches, the St. Barnabas High School Youth Group participates in Sunday afternoon or evening events twice a month.  Based on teens’ interests and concerns, the activities are designed to be both fun and charitable.  For more information please contact Pastor Sarah Wilson at pastor@stbarnabas-cary.org

Each summer the youth embark on a week-long mission trip to a destination of their choosing.  The teens learn how to share their gifts from God.

Every three years, the youth opt to participate in the ELCA’s Youth Gathering, an event that brings 30,000 Lutheran youth together for a week of worship, praise, music, service and Christian fellowship.  In 2018, the youth spent a week in Houston where the program was based on the theme “This Changes Everything”.  Conversations and projects centered on how God’s grace, love and hope changes everything for us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.   

In 2021, the event will be held in Minneapolis, MN from June 28th – July 3rd.   

If you would like more information about our Youth Group or are interested in joining, please contact Pastor Sarah Wilson at pastor@stbarnabas-cary.org or Denise Ulaszek at youth@stbarnabas-cary.org

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