Moving Forward in God’s Grace

The 2017-2018 Council has selected “Moving Forward in God’s Grace” as our theme for this year.


We like the word “Moving” – an action word, indicating that we are not sedentary but rather a church body in motion.  We’re active.  We’re doing things.  We’re on the move.

We chose “Forward” – a positive direction. We’re advancing onward, progressing towards something bigger and better.  We desire to grow and further our mission, soon with a new pastor to walk alongside us on our journey.

“In God’s Grace” – unmistakably God’s doing, grace captures the essence of the Reformation, the 500th anniversary of which we celebrate in October 2017.  Grace is God’s love and peace that we seek to share with our neighbors and our community.


Won’t you join us in Moving Forward in God’s Grace?


We kicked off the school year on Rally Day, which was also the ELCA’s “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday, a churchwide day of service.  Here in Cary, members of our congregation volunteered their time pulling weeds and performing other yard work, and also washing windows, at the Pioneer Center’s Sage House on West Main Street.  Sage House is a group home specifically created to provide for the needs of children with autism. The home offers a supervised environment for children with autism to learn life skills to transition into the community. The program serves children ages 6 – 21 and utilizes therapeutic techniques to assist clients in obtaining their personal highest level of independence. Currently, Sage House is home to four autistic children.  Sage House also provides referrals, resources, and linkage services.

This was our first opportunity to serve the residents of Sage House, and the Council agrees that we’d like to continue to build this relationship into the future.  We invite you to join us next time!



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